Migrating to GeoTrellis 3.0

With the release of of GeoTrellis 3.0, some major API changes have occurred. This document seeks to go over these major changes, and how one can update their preexisting code to be compatible with 3.0.

Simplified Imports

One change brought about in 3.0 is the simplification of imports in both the raster and vector packages. Before, it was not uncommon to see files with a long list of imports such as this:

import geotrellis.vector._
import geotrellis.vector.io.wkb.WKB
import geotrellis.raster._
import geotrellis.raster.reproject._
import geotrellis.raster.resample.ResampleMethods

With the simplification of imports, the above is now:

import geotrellis.vector._
import geotrellis.raster._

This section will go over what is now available at the geotrellis.raster and geotrellis.vector levels.


The following implicits and types are now available in geotrellis.vector

  • io.json
  • io.wkb
  • io.wkt
  • io.wkb.WKB
  • io.wkt.WKT


These implicit methods can be used on Tiles, MultibandTiles, TileFeature[T, D]s, Raster[T]s, or TileFeature[Raster[T], D]s.

  • crop
  • io.json
  • mask
  • merge
  • prototype
  • reproject
  • split
  • transform

The following types and objects are now directly available at the geotrellis.raster level.

  • histogram.Histogram[T]
  • histogram.MutableHistogram[T]
  • histogram.StreamingHistogram
  • histogram.IntHistogram
  • histogram.DoubleHistogram
  • rasterize.CellValue
  • render.ColorMap
  • render.ColorMaps
  • render.ColorRamp
  • render.ColorRamps
  • render.RGB
  • render.RGBA
  • resample.ResampleMethod
  • mapalgebra.focal.Neighborhood
  • mapalgebra.focal.TargetCell
  • stitch.Stitcher

In addition to the moved types and objects, new objects have been created to allow for easier access of certain types.

  • CropOptions alias of crop.Crop.Options
  • RasterizerOptions alias of rasterize.Rasterizer.Options
  • ColorMapOptions alias of render.ColorMap.Options
  • SplitOptions alias of split.Split.Options

Two enum objects have also been created in geotrellis.raster.

  • ResampleMethods object that contains all of the resample methods.
  • Neighborhoods object that contains all of the neighborhoods.